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Dr. Brandon Richland, MD

Skincare 101: Retinol

Retinol RETINOL IN SKINCARE A good skincare routine isn't all one needs to look ageless. For example, have you heard of retinol? It has been around for decades, proven to help improve the function of your skin to look and work its best, especially when it comes to your face. WHAT IS RETINOL? Retinol is...

Dr. Brandon Richland, MD

Hydrafacial MD A Revolutionary Facial Treatment

HYDRAFACIAL MD A REVOLUTIONARY FACIAL TREATMENT WHAT IS A HYDRAFACIAL MD? Hydrafacial MD is a one-of-a-kind skin rejuvenation treatment that has changed the game in skincare technology. This revolutionary technology only requires a single device to Cleanse, Extract, and Hydrate the skin while targeting multiple concerns like acne, redness, pore size, and more! DOES HYDRAFACIAL...

Dr. Brandon Richland, MD

Skin Basics

Skin Basics Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It holds our insides together and protects us from outside factors. There are areas around our body where the skin is thinner like, lips and eyelids. The thickest part of our skin is the palms of our hands and soles of the feet. LAYERS...

Dr. Brandon Richland, MD

My Skin and Turning 30

My Skin and Turning 30 Hi! I’m Ivy, a licensed esthetician. I wanted to give you all a rundown of how I came to love helping others make their skin look bright and beautiful! My skin journey started when I was a pre-teen dealing with hormonal acne. I started to use makeup to cover it...

Dr. Brandon Richland, MD

Your Skincare Regimen: Top 3 Essentials

Achieving good skin doesn't happen overnight or with one treatment; it happens with a proper regimen and consistency. Here at Richland Aesthetics, we offer two of the leading pharmaceutical skincare lines in the industry: ZO Skin Health and SkinCeuticals. Both lines are backed by science to work and give you long-term results. It ultimately comes...