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If the eyes are the window to the soul, our face is the first impression and most distinct feature we share with the world. While time brings wisdom, it also leads to less desirable visual signs of age. Although a myriad of non-invasive technologies can make incremental improvement in one’s appearance, for those of a certain age who wish to truly “turn back the clock”, a facelift and neck lift offers results that no other procedure can compare to. Dr. Richland strives to deliver the best facelift Newport Beach has to offer. A facelift or rhytidectomy is a powerful surgical procedure used to help rejuvenate the mid and lower ⅓ of the face, cheeks, jawline, and “jowls”. A neck lift helps to restore the neckline. Both are commonly combined to achieve dramatic results. By removing excess skin and repositioning the deeper structures of the face, the goal is to create a more refreshed and youthful look without any obvious signs you had surgery.

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Exploring Your Candidacy

A facelift may be right for you if you:

  • Have loose or saggy skin in the lower face and neck
  • Have “jowls”
  • Lack of a defined jawline
  • Have a “double chin” or “turkey neck”
  • Have visible signs of aging in the mid and lower 1/3 of the face or neck
  • Feel your cheeks have fallen and no longer have a youthful contour

Facelift Benefits


Restore Volume

During a facelift procedure, it is common to replace and restore depleted facial volume simultaneously by using fat grafting or facial fillers. By adding small targeted areas of facial volume, the end result is magnified, and the volume that has been lost with age is replaced.

Correct Skin Texture

Correcting sagging tissues and facial contours is only one aspect of facial rejuvenation. It is also common to improve upon skin tone, texture, and quality by using a combination of treatments including IPL, laser resurfacing, peels, dermabrasion, and the newest, most powerful RF plasma technology, Renuvion.

Rejuvenate Your Eyes

If you are interested in rejuvenating the periorbital region and upper 1/3 of the face, including the eyelids, eyebrows or forehead, you may be interested in combining your facelift with a brow lift and blepharoplasty.



Facelift and Neck lift

While a facelift tightens the mid and lower ⅓ of the face and a neck lift tightens the neck and jawline, they are most commonly both performed together to produce a comprehensive rejuvenating effect.

Mini Facelift or Mini Neck Lift

Some patients with isolated face or neck laxity may be able to have a mini facelift or mini neck lift.

Fat Grafting

If you elected to have fat grafting or injectables performed to restore lost volume, it will be done at this time.

Skin Treatments

Limited external skin treatments may also be performed at the end of the procedure, such as a TCA peel, CO2 laser resurfacing, Renuvion, or perioral dermabrasion.

PDO Thread Lifts

Thread lifts are a fantastic minimally-invasive alternative if you are looking to rejuvenate and resuspend facial tissues. Rather than removing the excess facial skin, Dr. Richland is able to resuspend your facial tissues with the threads. Additionally, as the threads are naturally reabsorbed over time by your body, additional collagen is rebuilt to give you a longer-lasting result. Dr. Richland utilizes an advanced combination of the newest PDO, PLLA, and PCL threads depending on your discussion and goals for the procedure.

Face and Neck Tightening with Renuvion

The best candidates for Renuvion skin rejuvenation and facial/neck tightening are patients in their 30s to 50s who have mild to moderate skin laxity but aren’t quite ready for a full facelift or wish to avoid facelift incisions.Additionally, Renuvion can be done in the office, while you are awake, thus avoiding general anesthesia. Renuvion can be combined with liposuction to help achieve that neck contour you’ve always desired. Patients who have had a previous facelift and just need a touch-up would greatly benefit from a Renuvion face and neck tightening treatment as well.


Your recovery is dependent on the procedure performed.

After surgery, although it is not required, many of our Newport Beach facelift patients wish to stay overnight in the surgical center or an after-care recovery facility for monitoring and assistance. After five to seven days of limited activity, you will be able to slowly increase activity, resume your usual activities, and return to work in another one to two weeks.

Schedule Your Consultation for a Facelift with Dr. Richland

Take This Pivotal Step Toward Realizing Your Aesthetic Goals

If you are interested in beginning your journey toward results you’ll love for years to come, schedule your consultation in Newport Beach or Huntington Beach. Facelift surgery with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richland yields stunningly natural results to keep you looking refreshed and youthful.

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Facelift Consultation Process

At a glance, here’s the process you can look forward to when you begin your transformation with Dr. Richland

1. Listening & Communication

Dr. Richland, first and foremost, puts the patient’s individual goals, health and safety at the heart of every case. He will begin by listening and understanding your lifestyle, goals, concerns, and issues to ensure your results and surgical procedure are tailored uniquely to you.

2. Discovering The Path To Your Best Body

Dr Richland will work with you to discover which options are best for your specific anatomy – including a comprehensive overview of how each procedure option delivers unique advantages and considerations for your unique anatomy.

3. Personalized Consultation

Dr. Richland will examine your body and listen to your concerns to determine what surgical plans best suit your needs. With experience that encompasses patients of all ages, body types, and conditions you can rest assured that your confidential consultation will empower you with the knowledge and unbiased guidance to make an informed decision and help you achieve your natural outcome.

4. Refreshed By Dr. Richland

Refreshed, never overdone. Rejuvenated, never obvious. There’s no one definition of best – and together with Dr. Richland, your outcome will reflect your aspirations and desires.


Yes, every surgery and procedure will leave scars. Dr. Richland meticulously hides the incisions in your hair, in natural creases, and behind your ears so as to be inconspicuous.

While no surgical procedure is truly scarless, you may be interested in a minimally invasive skin tightening treatment with Renuvion if you have mild to moderate face/neck laxity and wish to avoid facelift incisions or downtime from a facelift; or just need a moderate amount of neck tightening. Renuvion is the most powerful RF plasma face and neck skin tightening treatment on the market today.

A facelift is designed to be a restorative and rejuvenating surgery. For some patients, it will “set the clock back” 10-15 years or more, while others may not achieve the same longevity. After surgery, the aging process will continue. Therefore, it may be beneficial to periodically continue non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments such as IPL, laser resurfacing, peels, dermabrasion and/or Renuvion to help maintain the results.

The underlying muscle layer in the face is called the SMAS layer. This layer is responsible for facial movement, but over time it begins to sag and droop. Dr. Richland restores the natural position and volume of your facial tissues by performing either a SMASectomy or SMASplication technique to tighten and internally lift sagging tissues, achieve a more youthful refreshed appearance, and provide a long-lasting result.

By tightening the underlying SMAS muscle layer, Dr. Richland is able to produce long-lasting results without having to pull the skin extremely tight. This avoids the “too tight” pulled facelift look, pixie ear deformity, windswept appearance, or other obvious signs a facelift was performed. Dr. Richland’s goal is to produce a natural-looking result with you looking like a more “refreshed” version of yourself.

Discover the difference Dr. Richland’s expertise can make in your life.

The journey to your ideal look and life should be one of excitement and assuredness. With Dr. Brandon Richland, you can expect nothing short of excellence from your initial consultation to the moment you realize your final results. Take the first step to realizing your aesthetic goals by scheduling a consultation in Newport Beach, Fountain Valley or Huntington Beach. Please complete this form to request an in-person consultation or click here for a Virtual Consultation.

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