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A breast reduction, also known as a reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure to remove excess breast tissue and skin to achieve a breast size and shape that is more proportionate or alleviate symptoms of neck, shoulder and/or back pain. Dr. Richland strives to deliver the best breast reduction Newport Beach has to offer. Additionally, with this procedure, the breasts themselves can be lifted, asymmetries can be addressed, large areolas can be reduced, and low nipples can be raised.

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Exploring Your Candidacy

Excessively large breasts, also called macromastia, can cause both physical and emotional distress. You may be a candidate for a breast reduction if you feel that your breasts are disproportionately large or heavy and suffer from symptoms such as neck, shoulder, and/or back pain. You may intermittently get rashes under your breasts or have trouble finding bras with enough support. If you wish to lift your breasts to achieve a more youthful shape and contour but do not wish to reduce the size, you may be a candidate for a mastopexy or breast lift procedure.


Expectations & Recovery


Your breast reduction procedure may utilize one of several different types of incisions to remove excess tissue and skin. The first technique Dr. Richland may use to reduce the size of your breasts is a “vertical pattern” or “lollipop” incision, which goes all the way around the areola and then extends vertically down to the breast crease.

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This method is ideal for patients with moderate excess breast tissue. An “inverted T” or “anchor incision” produces the most dramatic breast reduction results. This incision removes a substantial amount of skin and also allows for the removal of a large amount of breast tissue, making it the most commonly employed breast reduction technique for patients with significant excess of breast tissue.


Immediately after surgery, you will be placed in a soft post-surgical bra which will be worn for comfort for several weeks. You can expect your breasts to feel sore and tight for the first several days. In most cases, our Newport Beach breast reduction patients will be able to return to work and normal activity, except for strenuous physical activity or vigorous exercise, within three to seven days postoperatively. Most patients return to full physical activity within two to four weeks.

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Discover the difference Dr. Brandon Richland’s expertise can make in your life. Dr. Richland is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Breast reduction allows you to live more fully by reducing unnecessary fullness in your breasts. With lighter, perkier breasts, you can feel more confident and comfortable and empowered to embrace all of life’s opportunities.

Does a breast reduction leave scars?


Yes, any surgical procedure will leave a scar. The standard type of incision pattern for a breast reduction is a wise pattern, also known as an “inverted T”, or “anchor”. The incision travels around the areola, down to the breast fold, and then horizontally for a variable distance depending on your breast anatomy. Some Newport Beach breast reduction patients who do not require as much tissue to be removed may be a candidate for a more limited scar breast reduction, also known as a vertical pattern.

How long will my breast reduction results last?


Breast reduction results vary, but generally last for years or decades. However, longevity of results depends on many factors including age, genetics, skin quality, health and weight fluctuations. Any weight gain after surgery may enlarge the size of your breasts, requiring a repeat breast reduction. Also, as your body ages over time, you may wish to have a lift to restore a more youthful contour.

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Breast Reduction FAQs

A breast reduction is used to decrease the volume or size of your breasts while also lifting, reshaping, and restoring a more youthful contour. A breast lift does not significantly change the volume or size of your breasts, but it does lift, reshape, and restore a youthful contour.

The amount of tissue removed is determined on many factors, including patient goals, pre-operative breast size, desired post-operative breast size, and body shape. The goal of surgery is to not only reduce your symptoms but also to create a more youthful and proportionate breast size.

It is common to experience a short-term decrease in sensation that usually subsides over the next few months. Usually, these changes are temporary, but in some rare cases, they can be permanent.

Your ability to breastfeed after breast reduction is highly variable and dependent on many factors. Some patients experience a decrease in ability to breastfeed, some are unable to breastfeed, and others show improvement in being able to breastfeed. It is best to discuss your goals about breastfeeding with your plastic surgeon.

Discover the difference Dr. Richland’s expertise can make in your life.

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