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Chin Augmentation for Enhanced Facial Harmony

A chin augmentation (also known as chin implant surgery or mentoplasty) is designed to restore balance to your facial profile and strengthen a “weak” or under-defined chin. In this procedure, a specially selected implant is placed to add the volume and create the contour you’ve always wanted. Since the nose and chin are so closely related in facial proportions, a chin augmentation surgery may also help restore balance by helping the nose to appear smaller. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon Richland offers meticulous artistry to enhance your facial harmony with stunning and natural-looking results and strives to deliver the best chin augmentation Newport Beach has to offer. Begin your consultation process for chin augmentation in Newport Beach today.

Newport Beach chin augmentation expert Dr. Brandon Richland

Is a Chin Augmentation Right for You?

Exploring Your Candidacy

Chin Augmentation is an excellent treatment option for patients who feel their chin is under-defined or disproportionate to their surrounding facial features.

Patients should be healthy enough to undergo surgery, with no underlying health conditions that may impair healing. Patients who smoke will need to quit several weeks before their procedure to minimize the risk of complications.

You may be a candidate for chin enhancement if:

  • You feel you have a “weak” chin.
  • You feel your chin is too small, recessed, or retruded.
  • You are unhappy with your facial proportions and jawline.
  • You feel that your nose is too large compared to your chin.
  • You have the appearance of a full or “double” chin caused by a small chin profile.

Benefits of Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation effectively enhances the size or shape of your chin to complement your overall facial structure.

When performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, chin augmentation can significantly improve your appearance as a whole, as well as remedy any imperfections in the shape of your chin. Benefits of a chin augmentation include:

  • Enhanced facial harmony
  • A more attractive profile
  • Reduced appearance of a double chin
  • A more V-shaped jawline
  • A smaller-looking nose in relation to the rest of the face
  • A more attractive chin shape

Your Chin Augmentation Procedure

What’s Involved

Your chin augmentation will be performed under general anesthesia. A small incision will be made during the surgery, either in the mouth or hidden under the chin. Then, the implant will be placed in the appropriate position to produce the desired contour and facial profile discussed beforehand. Your surgery will take approximately one hour to perform, depending on the details of your treatment plan and any other procedures you may choose to include, such as rhinoplasty or procedures to sculpt the jawline or neck.

The Consultation Process

Dr. Richland employs a very thorough consultation process to ensure that your treatment suits every aspect of your needs, ultimately leading to your best possible results. You and he will discuss your treatment preferences and desired outcome. At your consultation, Dr. Richland will take measurements and discuss which size and profile chin implant may be best suited for your goals. Usually, a silicone implant is used, but there are other options as well, including medpor.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

You will need to wear a chin wrap dressing for several days after your surgery. During the first few days after your procedure, you may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort, or pain. You will need to adhere to a soft or liquid diet to limit movement in the jaw and mouth. Dr. Richland will provide all Newport Beach chin augmentation patients with detailed instructions regarding their post-procedure care.

Chin Augmentation Results

The surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning our Newport Beach chin augmentation patients will be able to go home the day of surgery. You will immediately notice substantial improvement in your facial profile and jawline after surgery. Within several days, you will be able to return to work and usual activities, except for strenuous activity and vigorous exercise. Ultimately, you can look forward to a beautifully balanced appearance and results that will last years to come.

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Chin Augmentation FAQs

A chin implant can last a lifetime. However, if you are experiencing any issues or wish to change your chin profile again, the implant can be removed or replaced.

Yes, there are variations of chin implants that can be used to lengthen your chin, extend your chin, strengthen your jawline, and even create a more square/boxy look that may be preferable to some men.

Yes, there are certain types of extended chin implants that can improve your jawline. Rather than just being placed over the chin, they have “wings” that travel laterally along the jawline. These implants not only strengthen a weak chin but can also create a stronger jawline and improved neckline.

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