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Aging is inevitable; surgery, downtime, and scars to correct the signs of aging don't have to be. Consider the modern, long-lasting, non-invasive, auto-adjusting, thermal skin treatment called Forma. This technology uses radio frequency and heat to safely stimulate collagen production into the deep tissue, giving you a tighter, brighter, more youthful glow. We strive to deliver the best Forma Newport Beach has to offer. Because this technique encourages collagen regeneration, it continues to provide gradual results over time for better longevity.

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At Richland Aesthetics in Newport Beach, CA, we are committed to providing an experience that is truly above and beyond. Dr. Brandon Richland and his expert staff treat each patient and procedure with the industry's highest level of care and precision. We will guide you through the Forma treatment from consultation to follow-up to provide outstanding results.

What is Forma?

Forma utilizes radio frequency (RF) which is a breakthrough cosmetic medical technology.

Although RF is a newer method for skin rejuvenation, it has been making headlines for its effectiveness, safety, and short procedure time. RF works by using thermal energy to stimulate collagen regeneration. As we age, the skin on our face and body experiences a loss of collagen, which provides elasticity and suppleness. Forma helps restore collagen production to reverse aging effects, including wrinkles, sagging skin, and crepiness.

What Forma Can Do for You

Skin care experts and patients agree that Forma RF has proven to be one of the most effective non invasive skin rejuvenating treatments on the market.

Forma offers a non-surgical and non-invasive approach that uses thermal energy to provide outstanding results without the downtime of surgery. Just a few of the issues that can be addressed with Forma include:

  • Face - Wrinkles, creases, sagging, dull appearance, uneven texture
  • Neck - Jowls, undefined jawline, "turkey neck"
  • Body - Sagging arm flaps, drooping buttocks, stomach skin laxity

What is so special about Forma is the immediate result you will see within minutes after the treatment. This makes Forma the perfect treatment just before a big event like a wedding, party, photo shoot or any other event where you want to look and feel your best. Forma has been coined by celebrities as the Ultimate Red Carpet Facial.

Am I a candidate for Forma?

Unlike some skin revitalization methods of the past, the RF method provided by Forma is suitable and effective for any skin type and tone. Anyone who would like to address sagging skin and other effects of aging is eligible. Great candidates for Forma are those who are generally in good health, are non-smokers, and have a good understanding of what to expect from their results.

Candidates for Forma will most likely be seeking:

  • Lifting and tightening for sagging skin
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • A procedure with no downtime or lengthy recovery
  • Low-risk, safe procedure with few side effects

Consultation and Preparation

During a consultation, we will discuss your full medical and aesthetic treatment history to determine if Forma is the best option for you and your particular skin concerns. Once that decision is made, we will provide detailed information on what to expect for your appointment and how to prepare. Overall, preparation for Forma is simple and mostly involves avoiding sun exposure for a couple of weeks prior to the procedure.

The Forma Procedure

At the start of your appointment, we will apply cooling gel depending on your preference and usually the expected sensitivity in the treatment area. The Forma handpiece will then be passed over your skin, and you may feel a warm sensation. Most of our Newport Beach Forma patients find it very tolerable and even relaxing, like a warm stone massage. The Forma equipment includes cutting-edge temperature regulation technology to ensure that the skin is not overtreated or undertreated in any given area. After the procedure is done, you may have some slight tenderness or redness that will only last a short time and resolves on its own in typically under 30-45 minutes.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

After the Forma treatment, you will be able to return to regular activities right away. Most people are comfortable returning to work or social activities the same day as their appointment. Often, we recommend 6-8 initial treatment sessions that are performed a week apart for long lasting results. However a single treatment may be performed if the goal is to look or feel your best for a big event coming up that day or the next. Since each person is different and has varied goals, we always discuss your particular needs during a consultation. After the initial round of treatments, many patients see results for 1-2 years or longer.

Why Richland Aesthetics?

We understand that choosing a cosmetic medical practice should be a carefully considered decision.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richland and his team have the extensive training, experience, and modern mindset that is needed to offer stellar aesthetic results as well as a luxurious office experience. Highly sought after in Southern California and Newport Beach, Richland Aesthetics is ready to make your dreams a reality.

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Forma FAQs

Forma is a pain-free experience and say that it feels similar to a hot stone massage. Cooling gel can be used for added comfort if needed.

Part of the tightening results of Forma may include a fat-reduction element depending on your goals, along with rebuilding collagen in the skin. However, this is not considered a weight-loss procedure.

Since Forma has an auto-adjusting feature to protect the skin, this is considered a very safe procedure. Possible mild side effects could include slight redness that only lasts for 10-20 minutes after the treatment.

Forma is not permanent, however, with consistent treatments early on, results can last years.

The cost of treatment varies greatly depending on the treatment area and how many initial sessions will be required to achieve optimal results. Discuss all costs with our staff during your private consultation.

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