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If you're looking for a facial treatment that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and radiant, look no further than Richland Aesthetics in Newport Beach, offering HydraFacial treatments that can be customized to meet your specific skincare needs.
HydraFacial is a non-invasive, multi-step treatment that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration to leave your skin looking and feeling its best. At Richland Aesthetics, we strive to deliver the best HydraFacial Newport Beach has to offer.

Newport Beach Hydrafacial provider Dr. Brandon Richland

Why Get A HydraFacial?

at Richland Aesthetics

HydraFacials are ideal for all skin types and can improve the appearance of acne prone skin, wrinkles and fine lines, congestion, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone. At Richland Aesthetics, we offer the latest in Hydrafacial Syndeo 2.0 technology to help you achieve and maintain optimal skin health.

What is a HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a multi-step facial treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin, and can help to improve acne prone skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Teens can benefit, too, as HydraFacial can help with acne breakouts.

The treatment begins with a deep cleansing of the skin. This is followed by exfoliation, during which dead skin cells are removed. Next, a hydrating serum is applied to the skin. A protection layer will be applied to help lock in moisture.

Treatments are usually performed in a series of three to six sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart. HydraFacial results are cumulative, so it is important to stick with the treatment plan to achieve the best results.

What can HydraFacials do for me?

HydraFacials can improve the quality of your life for various reasons. For one, it is a great way to treat acne.

If you have ever suffered from acne, you know how it can cause not only physical blemishes but also emotional and mental scars. Acne can lead to low self-esteem and make people feel like they are not good enough. Cleanse, smooth, and clear up your skin and get your confidence back.

HydraFacials can:

  • Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Even out skin tone.
  • Help with acne breakouts.
  • Give skin a more radiant, youthful appearance.
  • Improve the overall health of your skin.
  • The treatment can be performed on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Is the Hydrafacial Right for You?

Most people are candidates for a HydraFacial. The treatment is gentle and can be performed on all skin types, including sensitive skin. There are no age restrictions for this treatment.

However, there are some health conditions that may disqualify you from treatment. These include an active rash or Rosacea flare-up. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult with your doctor before getting a HydraFacial. Concerns that can be addressed with a HydraFacial:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acne breakouts
  • Dull, lackluster skin
  • Overall poor skin health
Newport Beach Hydrafacial model

Consultation and Preparation

During the consultation, our certified, highly trained, esthetician will assess your skin to determine if you are a good candidate for a HydraFacial. They will also discuss your goals for treatment and develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

Make sure you don't wax your face or use any other method of hair removal for at least two weeks before your HydraFacial appointment. This is because the esthetician will need to work close to your skin, and any hair removal can irritate your skin and make it more sensitive. Just come to your appointment with clean skin. Avoid wearing makeup, lotions, or oils on your face.

If your HydraFacial is a part of your preparation for a wedding, celebration, or other social event, please schedule your appointment at least one week in advance to allow for the resolution of any swelling or redness from the treatment.

HydraFacial Procedure

A HydraFacial treatment usually takes about 30-45 minutes. During the procedure, you may feel a slight suction and vibration on your skin. This is normal and should not be painful. First, the esthetician will cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Next, they will use the unique handheld device to deeply cleanse, extract, and hydrate your skin. Lastly, they will apply a serum to your skin to help address any specific concerns you may have.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

You will likely see an immediate improvement in your skin after just one HydraFacial treatment. However, you may need to have several treatments to achieve your desired results.

Enjoy your results free of downtime! Our Newport Beach HydraFacial patients can immediately return to their normal activities after the treatment.

Be sure to follow any aftercare instructions your esthetician gives you. They may recommend that you avoid wearing makeup for a few hours or use a gentle cleanser for the next few days, and avoid any further cosmetic or facial treatments for at least a week to avoid irritating your skin.

Why choose Richland Aesthetics?

Richland Aesthetics is a leading provider of HydraFacial treatments. Dr. Richland is the first and only two-time Academic Achievement award recipient during his training at the University of California. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, he is meticulous with procedures and stays up to date with the latest technology and techniques.

Huntington Beach Hydrafacial provider Dr. Brandon Richland

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Hydrafacial FAQs

You may feel a slight suction and vibration on your skin during the procedure. This is normal and should not be painful. Most Newport Beach HydraFacial patients describe the treatment as quite pleasant.

There are risks with any procedure. With HydraFacials, the risks are very minimal and include bruising, redness, and swelling, which occasionally may occur, but aretemporary.

It is recommended that you schedule a follow-up HydraFacial 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment to maintain your results.

The cost of a HydraFacial will vary depending on the provider you choose, the number of treatments required, and the level of customization. Please discuss all costs with our staff at the time of your consultation.

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