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BBL for Enhanced
Shape & Contour

BBL in Newport Beach & Huntington Beach

Youthful and curvaceous buttocks can help you maintain your feminine and youthful appearance, promoting aesthetic harmony and complementing other areas of your body. BBL surgery, also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, can help you achieve your ideal buttock contours, enhancing your body’s overall shape, proportion, and appearance. BBL surgery is performed by transferring fat from unwanted areas such as your arms, abdomen or thighs to your buttocks for a fuller, rounder look.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon Richland strives to deliver the best BBL Newport Beach has to offer. Dr. Richland designs each patient’s procedure according to every aspect of their needs and desires to provide an exceptional treatment experience from beginning to end. Schedule your consultation to discuss your personalized treatment plan with Dr. Richland and take the first step toward realizing the body you want.

Newport Beach BBL surgeon Dr. Brandon Richland

Is a BBL Right for You?

Exploring Your Candidacy

A BBL is an excellent treatment option for patients who would like to enhance the size and shape of their buttocks without implants. You should also have the physical characteristics to support your BBL, including sufficient fat stores in other areas of the body, good skin laxity, and good overall health. You should also be able to follow postoperative instructions closely to ensure your best results.

Benefits of A Brazilian Butt Lift

create more attractive contours

BBL surgery offers a solution for patients who feel as if their butt is too small or flat. In addition, the procedure can also be used to create more attractive contours in the hips, lower back, and thighs. Because BBL uses fat harvested from another area of your body, you can treat concerns in more than one area of your body within a single procedure.

Your BBL Procedure

What’s Involved

Your BBL will involve extracting fat from your abdomen, lower hips, thighs, hips, or another area via liposuction. Then, the harvested fat will be purified and injected into your buttocks. Dr. Richland’s meticulous nature will ensure that you achieve improved contour throughout all areas involved in your BBL.

Above all, Dr. Richland prioritizes safe treatment and takes the utmost precaution to minimize risks as much as possible. If any areas where fat is removed require skin tightening, Dr. Richland may apply Renuvion to help your skin contract around the area’s reduced volume. Renuvion is a revolutionary skin tightening technology that delivers significant and immediate results as well as ongoing improvement to the skin’s elasticity. By including this in your brazilian butt lift treatment, you can look forward to the voluminous shape you want, along with smooth, youthful contours.

Your Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation Process

highest quality of care and results

Dr. Richland ensures the highest quality of care and results with a thorough and detail-oriented consultation process. He will listen closely to your concerns and assess your desired outcome, current condition, overall health, and lifestyle to construct a treatment plan suited to all of your needs. Ultimately, this approach will provide you with the best results possible.

BBL Recovery

Our Newport Beach BBL patients will be sore after the procedure but that will improve over the first several days to one week. You will need to take some special care to ensure your results develop as intended. For about four weeks, you will need to avoid sitting or lying directly on your buttocks. Instead, you will need to stand or lie on your side or stomach while the injected fat heals. If you need to sit for the first four weeks, you will have to use a “butt pillow,” which actually goes under your thighs to prevent pressure on the buttocks. After this period, you will be able to use a soft pillow under your buttocks until approximately eight weeks after your procedure, when your recovery is complete.

BBL Results

During the recovery process, it’s not uncommon for some of the injected fat to dissolve. Dr. Richland will take this into account during your procedure, allowing for some volume loss so that your final results resemble your desired outcome. Our Newport Beach brazilian butt lift patients can expect to realize the full extent of their results around six months after the procedure. Ultimately, you can look forward to more youthful and substantial buttocks for years to come.

Newport Beach BBL model in a bikini

Schedule Your Consultation for BBL with Dr. Richland

Begin Your Journey Toward Results You’ll Love

If you would like to discuss your personalized treatment plan with Dr. Richland, please contact our office to schedule your consultation for BBL in Newport Beach or Huntington Beach. We can’t wait to see you realize the results of your dreams.

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQs

The location of your incisions will be determined by what area or areas are used to harvest fat. However, liposuction incisions are small, and Dr. Richland will work the natural curves and creases of your body to create the most inconspicuous incisions possible.

Any surgical procedure involves some level of scarring. However, any scars that develop as a result of liposuction, fat injection, or Renuvion will be small.

Renuvion is a skin tightening treatment that delivers radiofrequency and plasma energy beneath the skin’s surface for substantial results without excising any skin.

You will be able to return to light exercise approximately two to three weeks after your procedure and strenuous workouts after about two to three months.

Generally, 50-70% of the fat transferred will survive.

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