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Breast augmentation has been in the top five most common cosmetic surgeries for more than a decade. Some women would like to have fuller or more even breasts but want a more natural alternative to implants. With Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, you can achieve an incredibly natural look and feel with your own natural fat cells and avoid artificial implants.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation with Dr. Brandon Richland

If you are seeking fat transfer breast augmentation, Dr. Brandon Richland offers unmatched technique, skill, and quality patient care. He strives to deliver the best fat transfer breast augmentation Newport Beach has to offer and is committed to providing his patients with the most modern and innovative solutions to help them achieve their aesthetic goals, including the latest methods for augmentation mammoplasty.

What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

The procedure works to augment the size and shape of the breasts by transferring fat from one body area and grafting the removed and processed fat into the breasts.

Fat transfer breast augmentation can be a great alternative to breast implants for those who would prefer to avoid having a silicone device inside their body. With fat grafting, unwanted subcutaneous fat from areas such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs is removed via liposuction, purified, and then injected into the breasts. This results in a fuller and more even breast appearance.

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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Implants

Fat transfer breast augmentation and breast implants are two distinct approaches to breast enhancement, with the goal of adding volume to the breasts. Fat transfer provides a more natural look and feel to the breasts and offers the advantage of liposuction in the donor areas, enabling body contouring and sculpting. Since this method doesn't involve implants, there is no risk of complications like implant rupture, leakage, or capsular contracture. Breast implants can provide more noticeable and customizable increases in breast size, but complications are possible, and revision will be a necessity.

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Benefits of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

This method presents an excellent option for women who are seeking a subtle or moderate size increase and prefer to avoid traditional implants. Feel confident and sensual in swimwear, lingerie, or your favorite top. Our Newport Beach fat transfer breast augmentation patients enjoy:

  • Augmented breast volume
  • Fat reduction via liposuction in donor areas
  • Exceptionally natural results
  • Symmetry for uneven breasts
  • Avoid potential implant-related issues in the future
  • Minimal scarring
  • Reduced downtime

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Candidates

Ideal candidates for fat transfer breast augmentation are in overall good health, non-smokers, and need to have enough unwanted fat in other areas for fat transfer. Those who are seeking a dramatic change in breast size may not be best suited for this procedure.

Consultation and Preparation

During a consultation, Dr. Richland will take time to get to know you, discuss your specific aesthetic goals, and decide together on your personalized treatment plan. Since fat transfer breast augmentation addresses volume but not breast sagging, a breast lift could be part of your treatment plan if desired.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure

General anesthesia or sedation with local anesthesia may be used for this surgery, which usually takes about one to two hours. First, Dr. Richland will create very small incisions in the skin of the donor area for the liposuction cannula to extract fat cells for transfer. Next, the harvested fat is meticulously processed to eliminate any unwanted elements. Finally, discreet hidden incisions will be made around the breast area, facilitating the injection of the purified fat.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

For many of our Newport Beach fat transfer breast augmentation patients, recovery lasts around one week, and bruising or swelling may be noticeable for a few weeks. Keep in mind that while recovery from this procedure can be a bit milder than with traditional implants, you are also recovering from liposuction, so there will be two areas with possible tenderness that will need incision care.

Final results may take up to six months, and results are permanent. It should be noted that there is always a risk that some fat cells will fail to survive the transfer, which may affect results.

Why choose Dr. Brandon Richland?

Board-certified Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon Richland has a long list of stellar qualifications and a passion for excellence in every facet of his practice.

He uses meticulous attention to detail and the ultimate standards of patient care to ensure that each procedure is safe and successful and produces outstanding results.

Newport Beach fat transfer breast augmentation model by the ocean

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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation FAQs

When performed by a skilled and board-certified plastic surgeon, this is a very safe procedure.

Fat transfer breast augmentation results are permanent, but may change with weight fluctuations.

Because it is your own natural fat tissue that has been transferred to your breasts, this type of breast augmentation provides an incredibly natural feel and look.

While surgical complications such as bleeding or infection should always be taken into consideration, breast surgery has no impact on the chances of getting breast cancer or experiencing any other breast-related diseases.

The cost of fat transfer breast augmentation depends on each patient's specific goals and needs and what will be required to achieve them.

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