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If your eyes are the windows to your soul, your brows are the frames to your emotions. A brow lift, also called a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure designed to lift and tighten the upper 1/3 of your face and rejuvenate your periorbital region. Additionally, a brow lift can help open up your eyes, restore the natural shape and position of your eyebrows and decrease the appearance of forehead wrinkles. Dr. Brandon Richland strives to deliver the best brow lift Newport Beach has to offer. There are several types of brow lifts, the most popular being the endoscopic brow lift or endobrow. Brow Lift surgery is closely related to and often combined with eyelid surgery and facelift surgery to rejuvenate the entire face.

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Exploring Your Candidacy

As part of the natural aging process, forehead wrinkles begin to appear, and your eyebrows may begin to fall. This creates excess upper eyelid skin, which may fold down over your eyes, and also creates the illusion that your eyes aren't open as wide anymore.

In some instances, you may be subconsciously raising your eyebrows in an attempt to open your eyes wider, which only exacerbates the forehead wrinkles further. If you have excess upper eyelid skin or lower eyelid bags, you may wish to combine the brow lift with eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. If you have sagging tissues in the lower face and neck or “jowls”, you may wish to combine the brow lift with a facelift and neck lift.

A brow lift may be for you if:

  • You have forehead wrinkles
  • If your eyebrows are low or not as shapely and peaked as you would like
  • You feel your eyebrows are “heavy”, droopy”, or asymmetric
  • You have excess upper eyelid skin folding down over your eyes



Direct Brow Lift

In this procedure, an incision is made directly over the eyebrows to remove a crescent of skin and tissue. This technique works best for males with prominent eyebrows as the incision can be hidden between the upper eyebrows and the forehead skin.

Pretrichial Brow Lift

In this technique, the incision is made between the upper forehead and hairline. This type of brow lift is best for females who have a long forehead (>6cm) and wish to advance their hairline forward.

Endoscopic Brow Lift (Endobrow)

This minimally invasive brow lift uses hidden incisions within the hair to restore the youthful shape, contour, and position of your eyebrows, as well as decrease forehead wrinkles. Dr. Richland additionally uses a specialized technique to internally weaken the muscles responsible for “frown lines” to soften these vertical lines between your eyebrows. The endoscopic brow lift is commonly paired with upper eyelid surgery to correct excess hooding of the upper eyelid skin and restore a rejuvenated appearance.

Brow Lift Consultation Process

As with all surgeries, Dr. Richland will take the time to listen to your concerns and discuss various treatment options.

Since a brow lift is closely related to eyelid surgery and facelift, Dr. Richland will explain which procedure or combination of procedures may be best for your specific goals and develop a unique treatment plan based on this. At a glance, here’s the process you can look forward to when you begin your transformation with Dr. Richland. There are several types of brow lifts, the most popular being the endoscopic brow lift or endobrow.

  1. Listening & Communication
    Dr. Richland, first and foremost, puts the patient’s individual goals, health, and safety at the heart of every case. He will begin by listening and understanding your lifestyle, goals, concerns, and issues to ensure your results and surgical procedure are tailored uniquely to you.
  2. Personalized Consultation
    Dr. Richland will examine your body and listen to your concerns; to determine what surgical plans best suit your needs. With experience that encompasses patients of all ages, body types, and conditions, you can rest assured that your confidential consultation will empower you with the knowledge and unbiased guidance to make an informed decision and help you achieve your natural outcome.
  3. Discovering The Path To Your Best Body
    Dr Richland will work with you to discover which options are best for your specific anatomy – including a comprehensive overview of how each procedure option delivers unique advantages and considerations for your unique anatomy.
  4. Refreshed By Dr. Richland
    Refreshed, never overdone. Rejuvenated, never obvious. There’s no one definition of best – and together with Dr. Richland, your outcome will reflect your aspirations and desires.



Postoperatively, you will be placed in a headwrap for comfort, which will be removed in several days. Our Newport Beach brow lift patients will be able to return to usual activities and work, excluding strenuous activity, within about one week.

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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richland offers patients the highest level of care in Newport Beach and Fountain Valley. Brow lift surgery performed by Dr. Richland produces consistently natural-looking results, so you can restore your youthful appearance without compromising your uniquely attractive features.

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An endobrow, also known as an endoscopic brow lift, is a minimally invasive technique that utilizes a small internal endoscopic camera for precise visualization. The entire surgery is performed internally through several small incisions that are hidden in the hair. The eyebrows and forehead tissues are appropriately elevated, repositioned, and then held in place by various anchoring techniques. This is Dr. Richland’s favorite brow lift technique for patients who are a candidate.

Yes, a brow lift can help open your eyes more if the cause is from sagging eyebrows or hooded eyelid skin. If the cause is from a low eyelid, called eyelid ptosis, where the eyelash margin of your eyelid begins to fall down over your pupil, then you would additionally need an eyelid ptosis surgery.

Crow’s feet is a term given to the wrinkles on the sides of your eyes. Since the brow lift is designed to elevate your lateral eyebrows and lateral periorbital tissues, it will help soften crow’s feet. When combined with Botox, a powerful rejuvenating effect is achieved.

A brow lift can help alleviate hooded upper eyelid skin by elevating the eyebrow tissues above. However, a brow lift is usually combed with a blepharoplasty to achieve the desired result and fully rejuvenate the upper periorbital region.

If you have mild to moderate forehead wrinkles, the wrinkles may completely disappear after surgery. If you have thicker forehead lines, these will soften but not completely go away. Most patients get very good improvement and softening of the forehead wrinkles.

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