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Breast Revision in Newport Beach & Huntington Beach

Breast revision surgery involves correcting concerns that may have arisen after a previous breast procedure. Within this category is a broad range of techniques designed to improve the appearance of your breasts, correct asymmetries, replace old or ruptured implants, change the size of your implants, and/or address any issues should they arise. Dr. Brandon Richland is a board-certified plastic surgeon, offering meticulously-performed breast revision surgery. He strives to deliver the best breast revision Newport Beach has to offer providing stunning results to his patients. Schedule your consultation to take this pivotal first step toward your aesthetic goals and discuss your personalized treatment. You may require one or more of the following procedures depending on your specific goals:

  • Breast lift
  • Breast implant removal with or without replacement
  • Breast capsulotomy – opening the internal breast capsule
  • Breast capsulectomy – removing the internal breast capsule
  • Breast capsulorrhaphy – reshaping and repositioning the internal breast capsule
  • Placement of mesh to help support the implant and breast tissue

Natural Internal Bra

Dr. Richland has pioneered the Natural Internal Bra™ technique to give you the benefits of the traditional internal bra technique but without the risks and concerns of having mesh placed in your breasts. This technique is safe and uses only your own body's natural tissue to create support for your breast tissue and/or implant to give you longer-lasting aesthetic results.

Newport Beach breast revision expert Dr. Brandon Richland

Benefits of Breast Revision

enhanced confidence and self-esteem

Depending on your reasons for seeking a breast revision, you may realize such benefits as an improved appearance, a more comfortable or proportionate breast size, or relief from complications such as implant rupture or leakage. By addressing your concerns about your breasts, you can look forward to enhanced confidence and self-esteem.

When is Breast Revision Necessary?


Changes Over Time

Over time or with pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breasts may have lost their youthful shape, position, or firmness. This occurs whether or not you have had breast implants or a breast lift before. If any of these changes begin to occur, you may wish to have a repeat breast lift procedure, possibly combined with a capsulorrhaphy to give the implants better position and shape. Some women wish to change the size of their implants at the same time as well.

Silicone Implant Rupture

If you have ruptured silicone implants, it is recommended to remove the ruptured implants, the silicone implant material, and the internal breast capsule surrounding the breast implant. This is called a capsulectomy and can be performed with or without implant replacement. Silicone implant ruptures are considered “silent ruptures” because it can be hard to tell by physical examination alone if there is a rupture. Therefore, Dr. Richland may recommend an MRI or ultrasound to confirm the implant rupture.

Saline Implant Rupture

If you have a ruptured saline implant, it is readily apparent as the ruptured side will decrease in volume over the next several days. Should this happen, It is important to come in as soon as possible to discuss breast revision surgery before the breast pocket begins to shrink down over the next several months.

Capsular Contracture

If you have hardening of breast implants or breast implant pain, this may be a sign of capsular contracture. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, you may be a candidate for a capsulectomy with or without implant placement. Dr. Richland may have several recommendations to help prevent the capsular contracture from returning.

Your Breast Revision Procedure

What’s Involved

Breast revision surgery is often much more complex than the initial breast augmentation or breast lift procedure. Each breast revision case is different. Therefore, during your consultation, Dr. Richland will spend a great deal of time listening to your concerns and explaining what treatment option may be best suited for you. Then, a personalized surgical plan will be recommended based on your specific goals and breast anatomy.

Breast Revision Consultation

tailored specifically to you

Dr. Richland’s dedication to excellence necessitates a thorough consultation process designed to achieve a comprehensive understanding of your concerns, condition, medical needs, lifestyle, and treatment expectations. This approach ensures that every aspect of your treatment is tailored specifically to you.

Breast Revision Recovery

Immediately after surgery, you will be placed in a soft post-surgical bra or breast wrap which will be worn for comfort for several weeks.

Depending on the extent of the procedure performed, you may have drains placed for several days or longer. The recovery following a breast revision procedure varies depending on the extent of the procedure. Your breasts may feel sore and tight for the first several days, and you should expect to stay home from work for one to two weeks. Our Newport Beach breast revision patients will be able to resume more intense activities and cardio after several weeks once approved by Dr. Richland.

Newport Beach breast revision model in a swimsuit

Schedule Your Consultation for Breast Revision with Dr. Richland

Begin Your Journey in Newport Beach or Huntington Beach

Because breast revision is often more complicated than initial breast procedures and each patient’s needs are unique, it is essential to select a meticulous, patient-focused surgeon such as Dr. Richland. If you are interested in breast revision, please contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Brandon Richland today.

Breast Revision FAQs

All patients with breast implants form a thin layer of tissue around the implant. This is part of the normal healing process and the body’s natural response to “wall off” a foreign object. It becomes abnormal when the tissue begins to thicken and becomes unusually hard.

Capsular contracture first appears as firmness around the implants, asymmetry, and discomfort. These conditions then continue to worsen and the shape of the breasts begin to change. Many patients notice progressive asymmetry, pain, tightness, and roundness of the breasts.

The treatment depends on the severity of the capsular contracture and how soon after surgery it begins to form. There are several non-surgical methods to treat early capsular contracture, such as increased implant massage and asthma medications such as Singular or Accolate. More advanced capsular contracture usually requires surgery in the form of a capsulectomy (removing the abnormally hard breast capsule) with or without implant replacement.

The first step is to confirm the silicone breast implants are ruptured by getting an ultrasound or MRI. Once the rupture is confirmed, it is recommended that the ruptured implant, the silicone material, and the breast capsule be removed. This is called a capsulectomy and can be performed with or without implant replacement.

For some women, results last for years or decades, while others may require minor revisions after several years. Your body will continue to age naturally over time, and long-lasting results depend on many factors, including age, genetics, skin quality, health, and the type of surgical technique used. Dr. Richland utilizes a specialized internal lifting suture technique to help hold the breast shape and position over time, while avoiding the placement of mesh.

Implants do not need to be changed out unless there are any issues. Because of this, breast implants may last much longer than ten years but may also last less than ten years if you are experiencing pain, asymmetry, capsular contracture, or any other issues.

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