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Butt Implants Surgery in Newport Beach, CA

Published by Dr. Brandon Richland, MD

Overview of Having Butt Implants Surgery in Newport Beach

Butt implants surgery is a popular procedure designed to enhance the shape, volume, and firmness of the buttocks. Patients in Newport Beach, CA, seek this procedure for various reasons, including aesthetic improvements and achieving a more balanced figure.

Buttock augmentation procedures include options such as buttocks implants and Brazilian butt lift (BBL), each with its own advantages and considerations.

What Is Butt Implants?

Buttock implant surgery, also known as butt implants, are silicone implants that are surgically placed within the buttocks to improve their size and shape. This cosmetic surgery involves making incisions, typically in the crease where the buttock meets the thigh, to insert the implants safely.

Once placed, the implants provide a more projected and rounded appearance. The procedure requires anesthesia and can take about two hours. Recovery can be lengthy, with patients needing to avoid sitting directly on their buttocks for a few weeks to ensure proper healing.

Why Have Butt Implants Surgery Done in Newport Beach?

Newport Beach, CA is a sought-after destination for cosmetic surgery due to its access to skilled surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities. Choosing to have butt implants surgery in Newport Beach offers patients the advantage of top-tier medical care and a supportive post-operative environment.

It is crucial to choose a board certified plastic surgeon for the procedure to ensure the highest standards of education, training, and experience in buttock enhancement.

Moreover, the area boasts a range of recovery options, including luxury post-op care centers, which contribute to a comfortable and effective healing process. Patients also enjoy the benefit of confidentiality and discretion, as Newport Beach is a city well-versed in catering to a high-profile clientele seeking privacy.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Butt Implants Surgery?

A good candidate for butt implants surgery is someone looking to achieve buttock augmentation, particularly if they are unable to achieve the desired results through fat transfer methods like the Brazilian butt lift.

Butt implant patients often include those who did not get the desired results from Brazilian butt lift surgery and seek a more effective, consistent, and permanent solution.

Ideal candidates should be in good health and free of conditions that might complicate surgery, such as infections or poor blood circulation. They should also have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the surgery and be prepared for the recovery process. Often, individuals with a smaller, leaner frame find butt implants to be an effective solution for achieving a more balanced figure.

For more information about plastic surgery options in Newport Beach, visit this page.

Choosing a Butt Implants Surgeon in Newport Beach

Selecting the right plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, California (CA) for butt implant surgery is crucial for achieving desired results and minimizing risks. Key points involve assessing the surgeon’s experience, verifying credentials, and ensuring comfort and trust.

How Do I Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for Butt Implants Surgery in Newport Beach?

Look for a plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic procedures such as butt augmentation procedures. Experience in this specific surgery can reduce the risk of complications and ensure better results. Verify their previous work and success rates.

Ensure your surgeon is board-certified in plastic surgery. Board certification indicates advanced training and adherence to high standards in cosmetic surgery.

Consultation Process

During the consultation for butt implants surgery, a patient will have the opportunity to discuss their goals, medical history, and potential concerns with their plastic surgeon. It’s crucial to prepare specific questions and know what to expect during this meeting.

What Questions Should I Ask My Plastic Surgeon About Butt Implants Surgery?

Before committing to butt augmentation procedure, it’s essential to ask the right questions to ensure you’re making an informed decision.

  • Am I a good candidate for butt implants?
  • What types of implants do you recommend and why?
  • What are the risks and potential complications?
  • Can I see before-and-after photos of your previous patients?
  • How long will the recovery process take?
  • What kind of support can I expect post-surgery?

Asking these questions helps clarify the procedure, understand expectations, and assess the surgeon’s expertise.

What Should I Expect During A Consultation for Butt Implants Surgery?

The initial consultation involves a detailed discussion of the patient’s medical history, including any prior surgeries or health issues. The plastic surgeon will evaluate the patient’s body and discuss goals for butt augmentation.

Buttock augmentation surgery involves inserting buttock implants and requires a recovery period where patients must avoid sitting and normal daily activities. The timeline for resuming work, exercises, and sports will be discussed.

The surgeon will explain the different types of implants, such as silicone implants, and their respective advantages. They will also go over the potential risks and complications, ensuring the patient has realistic expectations.

Understanding the Butt Implants Procedure

Butt implant surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the size, shape, and firmness of the buttocks.

What Medical Terms Should I Know About Butt Implants Surgery?

Several medical terms are crucial for understanding butt implant surgery.

Anesthesia is administered to ensure the patient remains pain-free during the procedure. Most surgeries involve silicone implants, which are used to augment the buttocks.

Incisions are cuts made in the skin to insert the implants. Complications refer to potential issues like infection or implant displacement.

Fat grafting and Brazilian butt lift (BBL) describe alternative procedures where fat is transferred from one part of the body to the buttocks.

Understanding these terms can help patients better communicate with their surgeons and make informed decisions.

What Types of Butt Implants Surgeries Are There?

There are primarily two types of butt augmentation surgeries: the traditional butt implant and the Brazilian butt lift (BBL). Traditional butt implants involve the insertion of silicone implants to enhance volume and shape. This method is ideal for individuals with a smaller frame who lack adequate fat deposits.

Compared to traditional butt implants, Brazilian butt lift surgery involves fat grafting, where fat is harvested from the abdomen or waist through liposuction and re-injected into the buttocks.

What are the Surgical Steps of a Butt Implants Procedure?

The butt implants procedure involves several key steps to ensure safety and effectiveness. First, the patient receives anesthesia to eliminate pain. Then, the surgeon makes strategic incisions, usually in the natural creases of the buttocks to minimize visible scarring.

The implants are placed within or above the gluteal muscle. Next, silicone implants are carefully inserted into pockets created within the buttock muscles. These pockets ensure that the implants remain securely in place. After the implants are positioned, the incisions are closed with sutures. A dressing is applied to the area to protect the sites as they heal.

The duration of the surgery can vary, but it typically lasts several hours. Post-surgery care is crucial, and patients must follow their surgeon’s instructions to minimize risks and ensure the best possible outcome (read more about the procedure here).

Cost of Newport Beach Butt Implants Surgery in California

The cost of butt implants surgery can vary significantly based on several factors, including surgeon experience, and specific patient needs. Prices can range widely and are influenced by the complexity of the procedure and additional costs like anesthesia and facility fees.

Different buttock augmentation procedures, such as buttock implants and Brazilian butt lift (BBL), also have varying costs due to the differences in techniques and materials used.

How Much Does a Butt Implants Cost?

The cost of butt implants surgery in Newport Beach, CA between $6,000 and $23,000. The average price is around $9,800. This range depends on several factors, including the surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, facility costs, and post-operative care.

Insurance Coverage

Butt implant surgeries, including those involving silicone implants, are generally considered elective cosmetic procedures. This means they are usually not covered by health insurance plans.

Is Butt Implants Covered by Insurance?

Typically, health insurance does not cover butt implants as they are classified as elective cosmetic surgeries. Most insurers view these procedures as non-essential, meant for aesthetic enhancement rather than medical necessity.

There are very few scenarios where insurance might cover silicone implants for reconstructive purposes. For instance, if a patient needs reconstructive surgery due to trauma or congenital defects, certain aspects of the surgery might be deemed medically necessary and therefore eligible for coverage.

Non-Surgical Alternatives

For those looking to enhance their buttocks without undergoing surgery, various non-surgical methods offer safer and sometimes more cost-effective solutions. These options often involve less downtime and fewer risks compared to surgical butt implants or Brazilian butt lifts.

What Non-Surgical Alternatives Are There to Butt Implants, Such as Brazilian Butt Lift?

Sculptra Butt Lift: This method uses dermal fillers, particularly Sculptra, to add volume and improve the shape of the buttocks.

In non-surgical options like fat transfer, fat cells are harvested from one part of the body and injected into the buttocks to enhance volume and shape.

Liposuction: While primarily a fat-removal procedure, liposuction can emphasize the buttocks by contouring and removing fat from surrounding areas such as the flanks and abdomen.

CoolTone: CoolTone uses magnetic muscle stimulation to tone and firm the buttocks. Although it doesn’t add volume, it enhances muscle definition, offering a firmer and lifted look over time.

Emsculpt: Similar to CoolTone, Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to contract muscles and improve muscle tone. This non-invasive approach helps in achieving a more sculpted and lifted buttock appearance.

3D Lipo: This treatment combines various technologies like ultrasound, radiofrequency, and cryolipolysis to reduce fat and tighten the skin. It provides a more contoured and toned look without the need for surgery.

Pros and Cons

Butt implants surgery can offer aesthetic benefits and improve body contours, but it also comes with potential risks and drawbacks.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Butt Implants Surgery?


  • Enhanced Shape: Butt implants can create a firmer, rounder shape, especially for individuals with a smaller or leaner frame who lack sufficient fat for procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).
  • Durability: Silicone implants used in butt augmentation are durable and do not require frequent replacement.
  • Confidence Boost: Many patients report increased self-esteem and confidence after achieving their desired body contour.


  • Recovery Time: The surgery involves a longer recovery period, often requiring several weeks before resuming normal activities, including exercise.
  • Complications: There are risks of complications such as incision separation and surgical drains that need regular maintenance.
  • Sitting Restrictions: Post-surgery, patients may face limitations on sitting and resting positions to ensure proper healing of implants.

Side Effects, Risks and Complications

Understanding buttock implant risks can help in making an informed decision and ensuring a smoother recovery process.

Are There Side Effects, Risks, or Complications of Butt Implants Surgery?

One of the most common complications of butt implants is the risk of infection. The buttocks area is prone to contamination during the healing process, which can lead to severe infections requiring medical attention.

Specific risks associated with buttock implants include implant displacement, rupture, and the potential for more severe infections due to the nature of the implant material and surgical procedure.

After surgery, patients may experience significant pain, especially near the sciatic nerve. This pain can be intense and may require medication for relief.

Improper healing and scarring can occur, especially if sutures are pulled or split. This can lead to significant cosmetic concerns and might affect the overall results of the surgery.

Being aware of these potential issues can better prepare individuals for the recovery process and help them make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Preparation for Surgery

Before undergoing butt implant surgery, it’s crucial to prepare both physically and mentally to ensure the best possible outcome. Key preparation steps include health evaluations, lifestyle adjustments, and specific pre-operative instructions.

How Should I Prepare for Butt Implants?

A thorough medical check-up is essential. The surgeon will evaluate your overall health and review your medical history. It’s important to discuss any underlying conditions, allergies, or medications you are taking.

Patients are typically advised to quit smoking at least four weeks prior to the surgery. Smoking can interfere with wound healing and increase the risk of complications during recovery.

Patients should refrain from alcohol consumption leading up to the surgery. Additionally, eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and proteins can promote better recovery post-surgery.

Follow all pre-operative instructions provided by your surgeon. This may include fasting for a certain period before the surgery, adjusting medications, and arranging for someone to assist you during the initial recovery period.

Butt Implants Recovery Process

After butt implant surgery, patients should be prepared for a structured recovery period that involves managing pain, swelling, and limited physical activity. Recovery involves several stages, each critical for achieving the best results and minimizing complications.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Butt Implants?

Recovery from butt implants typically takes several weeks, with the first few days being the most intense.

During the first week, a compression garment is often advised to reduce swelling and support the new shape. Sutures are generally removed within the first 10 days post-surgery to prevent infection and ensure proper healing.

Patients are usually advised to avoid sitting or lying directly on their buttocks for at least 2-3 weeks.

Throughout the recovery period, following the surgeon’s guidelines diligently ensures the best outcome and reduces the risk of complications. Regular follow-ups with the plastic surgeon are essential to monitor progress and address any issues promptly.

Duration of Butt Implants Results

Butt implants offer a long-lasting solution for individuals seeking to enhance the shape and size of their buttocks.

How Long Do Butt Implants Last?

Butt implants, typically made of silicone, are designed to be a permanent solution. However, the actual duration can vary. Many patients enjoy their results for a decade or more. Silicone butt implants provide long-lasting results and require minimal maintenance compared to procedures like the Brazilian butt lift.

Regular check-ups with a plastic surgeon are vital to monitor the condition of the implants. Potential complications or wear may necessitate replacement or adjustment over time. Ensuring correct follow-up and care can significantly extend the lifespan and health of the implants.

Expected Results

Patients who undergo butt implants surgery can expect an increase in the size, shape, and firmness of their buttocks. While results can vary, the overall goal is to achieve a natural-looking enhancement.

What Results Can I Expect After I Have Butt Implants Surgery?

After surgery, butt implants can significantly enhance the contour of the buttocks. The silicone implants add volume and shape, creating a firmer, rounder appearance. Most patients notice a substantial improvement in their buttocks’ projection and fullness.

The final results are usually visible within two to three months. The implants may feel firm initially but soften over time, creating a more natural feel.

Patients should maintain realistic expectations and understand that individual outcomes can vary based on their anatomy and surgical techniques. It’s essential to follow post-operative care instructions for the best results

Before & After Photos

Viewing before and after photos of butt implants surgery provides insight into potential outcomes and helps set realistic expectations for prospective patients.

Butt Implants Before & After (B&A) Photos

Before & After (B&A) photos showcase the significant changes that butt implants can make to a patient’s physique. These images typically highlight a firmer, rounder shape which is often the desired result of the surgery.

Patients can see how implants are utilized to enhance contours and symmetry. The photos enable them to gauge the effectiveness of the procedure compared to other forms of cosmetic enhancements such as breast implants or augmentations.

Each photo series generally includes multiple views of the patient’s body, both before and after the procedure. Common angles are side profiles and back views, ensuring a comprehensive overview of the buttocks’ alterations post-surgery.

These B&A photos not only serve as a portfolio for surgeons but also function as a realistic benchmark for patients contemplating silicone implants.

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