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Fleur de Lis Abdominoplasty: What is it?

Published by Dr. Brandon Richland, MD

Fleur de Lis is a type of tummy tuck procedure that involves two incisions to remove excess skin both horizontally and vertically. It is commonly performed on post bariatric patients who have experienced significant weight loss.

Key Takeaways of Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty

  • Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty is a procedure used to improve the shape and contour of the abdomen through vertical and horizontal skin tightening.
  • It usually addresses upper abdominal laxity or loose abdominal muscles due to massive weight loss, pregnancy, or age related issues.
  • The risks of surgery include general anesthesia reactions, unfavorable scarring, pain during recovery, and numbness or nerve damage around the abdominal region.
  • Patients should discuss their health history with a surgeon before undergoing Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty as some conditions may increase the associated risks.

What is Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty?

Fleur de Lis tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that can significantly improve the shape and contouring of the skin of the abdomen. It helps reduce excessive skin and removes fat deposits around the upper and lower abdominal region.

This procedure aims to create an aesthetically pleasing midsection with improved abdominal contour. Compared to other types of abdominoplasty, Fleur de Lis tummy tuck focuses directly on removing skin through excisional techniques combined with liposuction for precise contouring results, while avoiding large additional incisions or extensions into other muscle layers away from the treatment areas.

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Overview of the Fleur de Lis Technique

The Fleur de Lis tummy tuck or abdominoplasty procedure begins with the surgeon making horizontal and vertical incisions. The horizontal incisions extend from hip bone to hip bone, below the pubic area, while the middle of the vertical incision runs down from the navel or just above it.

Excess skin and fat are removed through these openings to create a flatter abdominal contour. In some patients, underlying muscle tissue may need to be tightened with sutures for added support and stability of the abdomen.

Abdominal organs can also be moved or re-positioned to achieve ideal body proportions if necessary. A new belly button is made through a small incision in the newly formed abs above where your natural navel would have been before plastic surgery.

How It Differs From Traditional Tummy Tuck

The Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty is a procedure that involves both horizontal and vertical skin tightening. This approach eliminates excess skin in a different manner compared to traditional bottom up techniques used in standard abdominoplasties.

This procedure offers a combination of tissue removal and vertical skin tightening that sets it apart from other types of abdominoplasties, and provides versatility in terms of results.

The method is particularly effective for patients who have an amount of extra fat and sagging skin around their waistline. During a standard tummy tuck or extended tummy tuck, there is an additional vertical incision along the centerline of the abdomen that allows for new lines to form after healing to improve shape and contour further.

Suitable Candidates for Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty

Who Can Benefit From the Procedure

Patients with extra skin and fat on their stomach due to significant weight loss or drastic pregnancies can benefit from this procedure. The excess skin may cause uncomfortable symptoms such as skin rashes, infections, and discomfort in the upper abdomen area, which can be relieved through this surgery.

Those with upper abdominal laxity or loose abdominal muscles and people who have lost a great deal of elasticity in the lower abdomen due to age, pregnancy, or significant fluctuations in weight are also suitable. Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty can provide results such as improved contour, removal of extra tissue, reduction of visible wrinkles and stretch marks, tighter abdominals, and permanent removal of excess fat.

Risks and Complications of Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck

Before deciding on a Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty, the patient must discuss the associated risks and complications with their surgeon. While this procedure has many potential benefits, weighing the potential risks can make a better informed decision.

Potential Risks Associated With the Surgery

Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty carries potential risks like any other type of surgery. Common risks and complications associated with the procedure include surgical anesthesia reactions, unfavorable scarring, pain during recovery, numbness or nerve damage in the abdominal area, internal bleeding, and fluid buildup.

These general complications can occur from any surgery. Potential patients should discuss their health history with a surgeon before undergoing Fleur de Lis tummy tuck, as some conditions may increase the risk for specific issues to arise.

Individuals need to be aware of what specific risks they could face throughout different stages of their treatment plan so they can take appropriate steps toward minimizing them accordingly.

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Fleur de Lis Abdominoplasty: Recovery and Aftercare

Post-operative instructions and follow up appointments are important for a successful recovery from Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty.

What to Expect During the Recovery Period

Recovering from Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty requires time and dedication to healing. The first several days after surgery may be uncomfortable due to the swelling, bruising, and pain at the incision site. However, this should lessen gradually as healing progresses.

Patients are usually required to remain hunched over for one or two weeks in the hospital to reduce stress on the incision, while taking medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs or ibuprofen for pain relief. Wearing a compression garment is necessary during recovery to maintain proper posture of skin and fat in areas affected by surgery to ensure the abdominal area heals back together correctly. This also helps reduce swelling and discomfort.

During recovery, some patients experience numbness where tissue has been removed, but it typically resolves within weeks or months after surgery. Swelling can take up to three months before going away completely, while bruises dissipate more quickly following surgical intervention but should still require to be given ample time to heal.

Post Operative Instructions and Care

Following instructions and taking proper care of the remaining skin on your body during the recovery period is essential for a successful result following Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty. It’s necessary to avoid exposing scars to direct sunlight for at least 12 hours and wait 48 hours before showering after removing drainage tubes.

Pain tolerance increases as patients heal but may be managed with prescribed medication. Bending over should be avoided until instructed otherwise by your doctor to reduce tension on the incisions while recovering.

Follow-up Appointments and Monitoring

After undergoing Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty, you must follow up with the surgeon to monitor and assess healing. The surgeon will determine the timing of these appointments, which may vary from patient to patient.

Most surgeons perform checkups within the first week after surgery. During these appointments, stitches may be removed if necessary, as well as other minor repairs that may be needed such as adjusting bandages or draining any excess fluid that has collected in the abdominal area.

Cost of Fleur De Lis Technique Abdominoplasty

The cost of a Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty can vary depending on the individual’s needs and treatment plan, with factors such as anesthesia costs, doctor’s fees, facility charges, and other associated expenses impacting the overall price.

Factors That Can Influence the Cost

The cost of a Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty can differ significantly based on various factors. One factor is the geographical location of the plastic surgeon. Procedures conducted in major urban areas may have higher costs due to overhead expenses, such as staff and facility fees.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty

1. What is a Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty?

Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty, also known as reverse tummy tuck, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to reshape and reconstruct the abdomen by removing excess skin and tightening the muscles. The ultimate goal is to create a smoother, flatter stomach with more definition in the waist, hips, and abs.

2. Who is an Ideal Candidate for Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty?

The best candidates for Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty are those who have lost a lot of weight or have had multiple pregnancies, individuals who want tighter abdominal muscles but cannot achieve them through exercise or a healthy diet, and those with loose skin in the abdominal area that causes their stomachs to protrude outward when standing upright or wearing clothing.

3. What Should I Expect During Recovery After My Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty?

After surgery, patients should expect swelling, bruising, discomfort, and possible drainage near the incision site for the first two weeks. However, these effects will gradually decrease before the wound fully recovers.

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Conclusion and Summary for Fleur de Lis Abdominoplasty: What is it?

Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to help people achieve the desired contour of their abdominal area and reduce extra skin due to significant weight loss or aging.

It offers excellent outcomes with tighter, smoother, and more toned abdominal muscles that can last years. The Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty differs from other procedures because it removes excess skin in both vertical and horizontal dimensions.

Recovery may take time but could lead to improved body shape, boost self confidence, and provide potential health benefits too long after the surgery.

People interested in this procedure should consult an experienced board certified plastic surgeon for a detailed evaluation that spells out realistic expectations and costs associated with this life-changing surgery option.

Please note that this article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Before making any changes to your treatments, please consult with your healthcare provider to discuss the appropriateness and safety of such changes.

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