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Breast Augmentation Price Factors You Should Consider

Published by Dr. Brandon Richland, MD

Are you considering a breast augmentation but unsure what to expect in terms of price?

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure with a minimum cost range of $5,500 and upwards of $15,000 depending on several factors. Insights into financing options and geographic regional differences may affect overall pricing for the treatment.

Breast Augmentation is a breast enhancement surgery also known as mammoplasty. It is a cosmetic surgery that places breast implants under the breast tissue to enhance breast size. Costs vary depending on what city and state the patient lives in.

Key Takeaways of Breast Augmentation Prices

  • The cost of breast augmentation can range from $5,500 and upwards depending on several factors such as surgeon’s fee, implant costs, anesthesia fees etc.
  • The location and type of facility used to perform the procedure will impact the overall price, with more significant overhead expenses translating into higher overall charges in metropolitan areas.
  • Consultation fees range typically from $100 to $500 depending on your plastic surgeon’s experience level or office location being consulted at and various implant types now exist like silicone, saline, and fat transfer that can be chosen when deciding what may be best suited for individual needs / desires.
  • It is important to factor in additional costs such as patient garments when estimating the total cost of a breast augmentation procedure which average amount could depend upon particular quality purchased per situation involved.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Breast Implants

Some key factors that can determine the final cost of a breast augmentation procedure include surgeon’s fee, type and size of implants, anesthesia fees, operating room fee and any additional costs such as patient garments.

The Surgeons fee will also be based on their experience, the type of procedure and the geographic office location.

Consultation Fees for Breast Augmentation

For many patients, the initial consultation is an important part of the breast augmentation process. During a consultation for this procedure, a patient may meet in-person with their cosmetic surgeon to discuss any questions or concerns they have about the surgery.

It is common for cosmetic surgeons to discuss topics such as implant type and size selection, anesthesia options, financing available and postoperative care during consultations. This step may also include making sure that there are no medical issues that will impede upon the success of the surgery and addressing all patient’s concerns thoroughly before committing to book a date for surgery.

On average, this fee can range from $100 to $500 depending on your plastic surgeon’s experience level. The positive aspects of these fees can include additional services like follow up appointments for several weeks after your surgical procedure, the operating room facilities, physical evaluation prior to having breast implant surgery if you commit to move forward with a breast implant surgery augmentation.

Average Surgeon’s Fee

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were 365,000 breast augmentation procedures performed in 2021 and this number is expected to remain steady in 2023.

The average cost of breast augmentation surgery was $3,947 in 2021 and projected to rise slightly for the next year. This procedure also saw a 48% increase from 2020 according to the American Aesthetic Society’s annual report, making it one of the more popular plastic surgery procedures amongst women today.

With its popularity rising steadily each year, it’s important for those considering this surgery to receive an accurate quote prior due to regional differences that may affect pricing or additional costs incurred during and after their procedure.

Sometimes, the fee it also includes such items as pre-surgery testing ordered by your doctor, photographs to provide imaging results, dressing and bandages used during surgery, any medications prescribed after surgery either as part of your initial prescription form or additional prescriptions based on post operative needs, exams related to follow up care. Sometimes even travel expenses associated with having a consultation at another location.

Range from Realself Patient Survey

The RealSelf Patient Survey offers insight into the cost of breast augmentation across various locations. In general, it found that people spent $4,550 to $7,500 on their surgery but noted a wide range of costs depending on the type and complexity of the case.

For example, patients who underwent implant exchange with capsulectomy generally paid between $8-$10K while those undergoing fat transfer only procedures could expect to pay around half that amount.

Costs can vary based on factors such as size and number of implants placed, the type of implant, saline or silicone, whether there was a lift involved in the procedure, additional cosmetic work performed at the same time including liposuction or tummy tucks etc., plus any additional fees associated with different types of anesthesia used for your particular surgery.

Cost Breakdown of Breast Augmentation

To get an accurate idea for national averages of the cost, it’s important to carefully review and to understand the various components or the related expenses that you will be paying for including the surgeon’s fee, breast implants cost, the extra costs materials, anesthesia, surgery facility fee and surgical garments.

Surgeon’s Fee

The surgeon’s fee can make up a significant portion of breast augmentation surgery costs. This is because the surgeon’s fee is paid directly to the doctor or practice performing the procedure and covers overhead, staff salaries, operational expenses, and other services required for a successful operation.

Experienced plastic surgeons tend to charge more than those with less experience due to their skill level, and training. Generally speaking, a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast procedures will have an increased rate compared to generalists or those who are not certified by medical boards such as ABPS or ASAPS.

It is important that patients select carefully when selecting a qualified plastic surgeon for any cosmetic procedure they would like done. Research credentials through online reviews from previous clients as well as local consumer protection organizations such ASAPS or ABPS before signing up for any service.

Implants and Materials

Breast implants come in two different types: silicone implants and saline. These materials vary in texture, feel, cost and potential risks. For silicone implants, a semi-solid gel is used that gives the breasts a more natural look and feel than saline implants.

Implants tend to be slightly more expensive due to their higher production costs. Saline implants on the other hand are filled with sterile saltwater which will not leak into the body if ruptured and may be cheaper than silicone ones but offer less natural results.

There also exist alternative options such as fat transfer breast augmentation whereby fat is transplanted from one area of your body to your breasts for an increased fullness without opting for any synthetic material at all.

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Anesthesia is an important factor in breast augmentation surgery that should not be overlooked. Anesthetic drugs are used to numb the area during surgery and to help keep patients comfortable while the surgery is in process.

The cost of anesthesia for a breast augmentation procedure can range from $400 to $1,000 and typically accounts for between 10-15% of the total breast augmentation cost. The exact amount will depend on factors such as geographic location, medical complexity, and provider expertise in breast surgery.

Discuss with your surgeon what type of anesthesia will be used, general anesthesia or sedation, as this may also affect pricing. Overall, one should budget accordingly when considering all costs associated with a breast augmentation procedure including costs related to anesthesia in order to ensure patient comfort and safety throughout the whole process.

Surgery Facility

The choice of surgical facility is one factor that can affect the cost of breast augmentation. Surgery for breast augmentation may be performed in a medical center, hospital, or an accredited outpatient surgical facility.

Facilities with more amenities and high-end features typically come at higher costs than smaller centers with fewer accommodations. Location can also play a role in the overall cost. Surgeries in larger metropolitan areas often have higher fees due to overhead expenses such as insurance premiums and real estate prices.

When considering where to have the procedure performed, it’s important to consider factors such as the attitude of staff members, reviews from previous patients about care quality and presence of automated safety procedures but most important about the surgeon’s experience.

Surgical Garments

Surgical garments are a necessary part of the breast augmentation process, as they provide support and compression to assist in the recovery time after breast surgery. These specialized garments help protect incisions while providing comfort after surgery and ensuring that implants don’t move out of place.

They also promote healing by reducing swelling, helping ease discomfort amongst other things. With this in mind, the cost for surgical garments is often included in overall breast augmentation costs rather than an additional expense, ranging anywhere from $50-$200 depending on type and material quality chosen by each patient.

The importance of the medical necessity of investing into a good quality garment should not be underestimated considering their role aiding during the recovery time, which could last up to several weeks after surgery.

Regional Differences in Breast Augmentation Cost

The cost of breast augmentation surgery can vary significantly depending on the region, with some states being cheaper for the procedure than others.

Cost by State

The cost of breast augmentation surgery can vary from state to state, depending on the local market and popularity of the procedure. According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons data, states along the US West Coast tend to be more expensive than elsewhere in the country with an average per breast augmentation price tag of $8,500-$12,000 or higher.

On the other hand, breast augmentation is widely popular across Southern states such as Florida and Texas with lower fees ranging between $3,800 -$4200 on average. Prices may also depend on factors like proximity to specialty centers that use more sophisticated equipment or those that cater for high-profile clientele prepared to pay a premium for their treatment.

Costs should also be considered in terms of quality. It is important not just to go with cheaper options but seek out highly experienced professionals who specialize in this field.

Comparing Costs in Different Locations

As mentioned before, breast augmentation costs vary significantly from one location to another, depending on multiple factors such as customized surgical procedure plans, geographical location, local market competition and cost of living.

For example, cosmetic surgery services in metropolitan areas can be more expensive because the costs may be higher than in rural areas. It is important for patients considering breast augmentation to understand that prices do not always represent quality or outcomes, so it is important to assess the reputation and experience of their chosen surgeon before making a final decision.

A good way to compare prices across the US is by looking at statistics shared by organizations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), which publish data about average fees charged by plastic surgeons based on their geography location.

Cost comparison websites like RealSelf present detailed user-submitted breakdowns of surgeon’s fees collected from various regions around America after tax returns have been applied.

Financing and Insurance for Breast Augmentation

There are various financing options available for women considering breast augmentation surgery. Special care credit cards can be used to break up payments over a period of time and they often have 0% interest rates.

Patient financing plans from many plastic surgeons may also include an easy one-time payment, some with low or even no interest rate promotions. Women should check with their surgeon about the monthly payment options available.

Medical credit cards enable individuals in need of financial assistance to cover out of pocket expenses for elective procedures like breast augmentation. These types of loans can help spread payments out over time and feature fixed repayment terms that are specified up front so patients know exactly what items will be covered when they apply.

Health Insurance Coverage

Most health insurance plans do not cover the cost of a cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation or related complications since the procedure is considered a cosmetic surgery and not medically necessary.

If the breast implants are only part of a reconstruction procedure following a mastectomy due to cancer, they may be covered by your health insurance provider. Health insurance companies also usually will not cover any fees associated with correcting asymmetry caused by natural development or post-operative healing issues that require additional surgeries.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Surgeon

When considering breast augmentation, find a surgeon experienced in the procedure who can provide safe and effective results.

Experience and Expertise

When choosing a surgeon for breast augmentation, experience and expertise are two of the most important factors to consider. Surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery have undergone extensive training in plastic surgery and patient care practices, providing them with advanced skills needed to ensure excellent results.

Look at a surgeon’s qualifications, such as board certification, education, hospital affiliations, and professional awards, as well as their portfolio of previous work when evaluating potential candidates.

It is important to research reviews from patients who have had procedures performed or get referrals from people who have had successful experiences with particular surgeons.

Reputation and Patient Reviews

When researching a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation, a patient’s decision is largely influenced by the reputation and reviews of that doctor. Consider different factors such as qualifications, training, experience and overall expertise in breast surgeries in order to be confident with your choice.

Previous patient experience can provide you with an accurate insight into potential outcomes of the surgery. Online review sites frequently host ratings from real patients showcasing their individual experiences, including descriptions regarding physical results or satisfaction levels, when compared to expectations set prior to undergoing the operation.

Reputation plays a key role in many people’s selection process. Positive reviews about doctors tend to boost trustworthiness, whereas negative ones will lead them away from certain surgeons in order to ensure safety whilst making this significant decision.

In most cases it appears wise not to base your decision entirely on cost alone, but instead focus more heavily upon reputation and subsequent popularity amongst previous clients. Although, without compromising on quality by picking someone who might feel out of reach financially.

Additional Costs to Consider

Other costs that potential patients should also consider when budgeting for a breast augmentation procedure include follow-up appointments, the possibility of additional procedures or revision surgeries, and long term maintenance.

Follow-up Appointments

Following breast augmentation surgery, it is important to schedule regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon in order to monitor your recovery and detect any potential risks or complications.

While the initial procedure for a successful breast augmentation depends on the expertise of your surgeon, long term results depend largely on these follow-up visits. During these visits, you can monitor how your body responds to the implants, keep an eye out for potential infection and continuously discuss any changes you would like to make going forward.

Your plastic surgeon will determine how often you should have checkups, usually initially within 1 week of having surgery and then typically every month or so afterwards depending on what was previously discussed between both parties.

Some surgeons may charge further consultation fees if additional procedures are needed due to scar tissue buildup or implant ruptures that must be attended to as soon as possible.

Potential Revision Surgeries

A breast augmentation revision surgery is sometimes necessary to improve the shape, size and symmetry of the breast implants. Revisions may be needed due to asymmetry in implant size or position, rippling caused by malpositioned implants, device failure or a change in breast implant or type.

Some patients may require removal and replacement of their breast implants, which can affect the overall cost. Breast revision surgery costs anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000 depending on several factors such as your goals and anatomy, as well as time elapsed since initial breast augmentation costs and surgical procedure.

To minimize the need for any potential revisions down the road, it is important that you choose an appropriately qualified surgeon, who has significant experience in cosmetic breast procedures like breast augmentations.

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Long-term maintenance

Breast augmentation surgery is the safe placement of breast implants, which require maintenance in order to maximize their longevity and ensure safety. Usually performed as an outpatient procedure with general anesthesia or local injection, breast augmentation leaves patients with some degree of residual swelling and bruising that can last for several weeks post-surgery.

Regular follow-up appointments are necessary so your surgeon can monitor your progress every few months postoperatively as well as looking out for any undesirable changes or issues.

Your surgeon will also be able to advise you on reaching peak results following implantation realistically in terms of shape, feel and symmetry between left and right breasts if needed.

Cost vs. Quality in Breast Augmentation

Making price based decisions when selecting a provider for breast augmentation can be dangerous, as it is paramount to prioritize safety and results rather than opting for the cheapest option.

Avoiding price-based decisions

When considering breast augmentation, it is important to avoid decisions based solely on price or cost. Low prices may be tempting, but with plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation there can be risks associated with choosing a more affordable provider.

It is critical to choose a board-certified surgeon who has extensive training and experience in the procedure for this type of surgery, but, a poor technique and an inexperienced provider can lead to botched results that require costly revision surgeries.

Considering the quality of materials being used before undergoing any sort of cosmetic procedure, cheaper implants are not always compatible with each individual’s body size and shape, which could potentially result in less than ideal outcomes or unsafe conditions.

When researching potential surgeons for your specific needs, make sure you read reviews online from former patients regarding quality of services provided and overall satisfaction when using that particular doctor’s profile or practice.

Prioritizing Safety and Results

When considering breast augmentation, it is important for women to prioritize safety and achieve the desired results. The procedure can involve potential risks such as infection, impaired sensation, adverse reaction to anesthesia, capsular contracture and implant rupture or deflation.

To reduce these risks and ensure the best possible outcome of a safe and successful procedure, the experience and expertise of the surgeon should be reviewed, prior to making any decisions.

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a proven track record of success will help guarantee optimal performance during surgery while also recovering quickly with avoidable mistakes that may lead to costly revision surgeries in the future.

A reputable doctor will have numerous patient reviews available from prior patients, which could provide valuable insights into how satisfied customers were after receiving services.

Furthermore, factors beyond cost alone should be taken into consideration when planning for breast augmentation. This includes considering all associated costs including follow up appointments fee along with the potential of revision surgeries in case needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation Prices

1. How Much Does a Breast Augmentation Cost?

The average cost of breast augmentation is typically between $5,500 and $12,000. The actual cost of breast lift often depends upon implants used, the extent of surgery performed and other fees such as anesthesia, facility costs or surgeon’s fees.

2. Will My Insurance Cover the Expense?

Breast augmentations are considered cosmetic procedures because they do not improve health outcomes for women. Therefore, most medical insurance plans will not cover the expenses associated with this kind of procedure.

Requirements vary from insurer to insurer so it is best to check with them directly in order to verify coverage availability before scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

3. Are Financing Options Available?

Many surgical practices offer flexible payment plan arrangements which could make individual aspects more affordable depending on individual financial situation and creditworthiness dedicated programs, just for such purposes can lower payments over time, while providing customers with maximum flexibility in determining repayment parameters that work within their budget to repay installment amounts of varying duration.

Conclusion and Summary of Breast Augmentation Prices

The cost of breast augmentation primarily depends on consultation fees, implants and materials, anesthesia, surgery facility fees, surgeon’s fee, and post-surgery garments.

The average breast augmentation cost, can range from $4,100 to $12,000 or even more depending on region and the pricing contented by plastic surgeons. It is highly recommended to make safety a priority when considering getting breast augmentation surgery.

Choosing an experienced board certified plastic surgeon will also give you improved results which may last longer than cheaper alternatives with inexperienced doctors performing these cosmetic procedures.

The decision to proceed with breast augmentation surgery is personal, and individuals should ensure they are well-informed, emotionally prepared, and physically suitable for the procedure.

Please note that this article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Before making any changes to your treatments, please consult with your healthcare provider to discuss the appropriateness and safety of such changes.

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